Kalamba Games logoDiscover the world of Kalamba Games, a game supplier and creator known for their innovative and engaging casino games. Let’s dive into an overview of what sets Kalamba Games apart and explore their journey, milestones, and licenses.


Kalamba Games stands out for its exceptional features that enhance the gameplay experience. Alongside traditional wilds, scatters, and free spins, players can enjoy unique elements like Progressive Free Spins, Split symbols, and Hyperbonuses.

Hyperbonuses allow players to skip the base game and jump straight into the free spins round, while Progressive Free Spins provide additional free spins within the bonus round. These features are often accompanied by multiplier wilds that can reach impressive numbers, elevating the excitement and winning potential of Kalamba Games’ slots.

With a diverse range of feature-packed online slot games, Kalamba Games ensures a memorable and thrilling gaming experience for players.

Kalamba Games overview

Kalamba Slot Reviews

Slot RTP Released
Bushido Princess Megaways 96.26% 8th June 2023
Lightning Fortune 96.5% 30th May 2023
Joker Leprechauns: Hit 'n' Roll 96.58% 15th February 2023
Phat Cats Megaways 96.16% 24th January 2023
Rumble Ratz Megaways 96.7% 10th August 2022

Who Are Kalamba Games?

Founded in December 2016, Kalamba Games is a Malta and Krakow-based game supplier and creator. Initially, their games were simple and lacked player engagement. Recognizing the need for innovation, Kalamba Games invested time and effort into refining their games, adding captivating features, and ensuring attention to detail.

The introduction of the Megaways feature in their slot game Machina Megaways marked a turning point for Kalamba Games, capturing the attention of players and establishing their reputation in the industry. With over 60 online slot games under its belt, Kalamba Games continues to push boundaries and deliver captivating gaming experiences.

Kalamba features

Kalamba Games Journey/Timeline

Kalamba Games has achieved significant milestones since its launch. Here’s a glimpse of their journey:

2016: Kalamba Games is founded, marking the beginning of their creative endeavors.

2018: Vereeni Investments partners with RB Capital to acquire an equity stake in Kalamba Games, providing a boost to their growth.

2019: Kalamba Games releases notable slot games like Blazing Bull, Crystal Cavern, Maui Millions, Miami Bonus Wheel and Joker Max, captivating players with their engaging gameplay.

2020: Kalamba Games secures a distribution deal with SoftGamings, expanding their reach to a wider audience.

2021: The Bullseye Remote Gaming Server developed by Kalamba Games becomes available in Italy, strengthening its presence in the market.

2021: Kalamba Games obtains a gambling license from the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring compliance and player protection.

2022: Kalamba Games partners with Big Time Gaming, integrating the popular Megaways mechanics into their slot games, further enhancing their portfolio.

Kalamba Games Licenses

To ensure a secure and regulated gaming environment, Kalamba Games holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. This license attests to their commitment to fair play and player protection, providing players with confidence and peace of mind while enjoying their games.

Joker Leprechauns: Hit ‘n’ Roll by Kalamba

Join the mischievous joker leprechauns in a vibrant Irish-themed adventure. Joker Leprechauns: Hit ‘n’ Roll by Kalamba offers a visually appealing and immersive slot game experience. With expanding wilds, bonus spins, and the customizable HyperBet system, players can enhance their gameplay and increase their chances of winning.

The game combines the charm of leprechauns with the excitement of jokers, creating a unique and entertaining atmosphere. Get ready for a lively journey filled with lucky symbols and thrilling features.

Bushido Princess by Kalamba

Bushido princessImmerse yourself in the world of Japanese martial arts and honour with Bushido Princess by Kalamba. This visually stunning slot game captures the essence of ancient Japan with its captivating graphics and serene soundtrack.

With features like free spins, expanding symbols, and a unique Collection feature, players can unlock additional bonuses and rewards. Bushido Princess offers high volatility and the potential for big wins, making it a thrilling choice for those seeking adventure and fortune in the realm of the samurai.

Lightning Fortune Slot by Kalamba

Kalamba lightning Fortune logoFeel the electric energy of Lightning Fortune by Kalamba Games. This high-volatility slot game features a unique grid and 3,600 paylines, offering a thrilling gaming experience. With Bonus Buy, K-Cash, Free Spins, Multipliers, and Wild symbols, Lightning Fortune amplifies the excitement and enhances your chances of winning big.

The sleek design, stunning visuals, and captivating features make Lightning Fortune a must-play for players craving fast-paced action and electrifying rewards.

Phat Cats Megaways by Kalamba

Kalamba phat cat megawaysGet groovy with the Phat Cats in Phat Cats Megaways by Kalamba Games. This funky slot game combines cool cats with the popular Megaways mechanics, providing up to 46,656 ways to win.

With features like free spins, multipliers, and nudging reels, Phat Cats Megaways offers a lively and entertaining experience. The game’s funky graphics, catchy soundtrack, and potential for big wins create a purr-fectly rewarding gaming adventure for players seeking fun and excitement.

Rumble Ratz Megaways Slot by Kalamba

Kalamba_rumble ratsEnter a medieval pantry guarded by a beautiful cat in Rumble Ratz Megaways by Kalamba Games. This visually polished slot game features animated rats and delicious food, creating an immersive atmosphere.

With the Megaways mechanic offering up to 46,656 ways to win, players can enjoy thrilling features like free spins, K-Cash, and bonus symbols. Rumble Ratz Megaways delivers engaging gameplay and rewarding features for an unforgettable gaming experience in the medieval world of rats and feasts.


Kalamba Games continues to impress players with its commitment to innovation, engaging features, and captivating gameplay experiences. With a strong foundation and a diverse range of high-quality slot games, Kalamba Games remains at the forefront of the industry, delivering excitement and entertainment to players worldwide.