EuroGambling Interview With Swintt

eurogambling interview with swintt

In our latest interview we are pleased to welcome David Mann, Chief Executive Officer at Swintt.  This is a developer we like very much here at EuroGambling and we have been looking forward to interviewing someone from the studio for a while.  We are very lucky to be able to hear the thoughts and insights from the CEO of the company, which we hope will give you a deeper look into who Swintt are and what they are about.

The reason we have been excited to talk to Swintt is they are relatively new on the scene (2019) but they have already made a big splash by developing unique and distinctive games that have turned heads in the industry.  This is reflected in how quickly leading casinos have taken their games on board and how well known some of the titles have become.  Swintt have won several awards in their short history so far and look set to become a leading developer for years to come.

As regular readers will know here at EG we are all about championing smaller, niche and bespoke studios that do something different. Swintt fit this mould perfectly and despite their rapid rise they have maintained that personality that larger developers have clearly lost.  It is a fine balance that is hard to get right but we think Swintt have it spot on.  Therefore, let’s hear about how they make their distinctive games that players love so much and where they see themselves going in the future.

Hi David, thank you for agreeing to an interview. Can you tell us a bit about Swintt and how it has grown to become a leading software studio?

david mann ceo swinttSwintt stands out as an innovative B2B software studio, dedicated to crafting distinctive content that resonates with a diverse customer base. In 2022, our commitment to delivering exciting, mobile-focused products in regulated markets worldwide earned us the prestigious “Innovation in Mobile” award at the EGR B2B Awards.

Apart from, our focus on cutting-edge creations, our SwinttPremium range remains rooted in the familiar interfaces and user-friendly game mechanics reminiscent of popular land-based casino titles.

Beyond our diverse offerings of modern and classic slots and live casino titles, Swintt has gained industry recognition for its SwinttStudios programme. This initiative opens doors to third-party boutique studios, allowing them to develop and distribute games within the established Swintt network. Leveraging our marketing and technical expertise, we empower smaller developers to launch their titles in crucial markets, ensuring visibility while delivering unique content to the end user.

Going back to your days working as a deputy manager in a bookmakers, is there anything you learnt from then that you bring into your role as a CEO for a major iGaming provider?

There’s a big difference between working in the online sector compared to the frontline betting shop business, but it provided a lot of valuable experience. Dealing with difficult situations on the fly, which admittedly nowadays don’t involve much face-to- face confrontation, drunk incidents, or unsavoury characters – were commonplace and still today I can utilise in different scenarios, but one that stuck with me was the connection to real players and their experience.

It was always thrilling to be able to give punters a big win from a nice bet, and we had a real buzz in the shops during big events, especially big horse races. Nowadays that can translate more into how we position and market games and the business overall, but it’s still important to enjoy what you do and celebrate victories and successes as a team.

In the ever-growing industry that is iGaming and the thousands of games available – how do you set apart Swintt games to your competitors?

While Swintt is known for its innovation, what truly sets us apart is the rich and diverse array of games that cater to a wide spectrum of markets. This is made possible by categorising our slot titles into two main categories – SwinttPremium and SwinttGames.

The former embraces a “classic” slot concept, blending familiar symbols and sounds with straightforward, easily activated bonus features, mimicking the experience of well-loved land-based slot machines. This category has garnered significant popularity in markets such as Germany and the Netherlands, where players lean towards a more traditional online gaming experience.

swintt aloha spirit xtralock

On the other hand, for emerging markets and younger audiences, our SwinttGames offer a compelling alternative. Distinguished by cutting-edge graphics, captivating themes, and unique bonus mechanics, these games appeal to the “next generation” of players. Notably, this category has produced major hits like the widely acclaimed Xtra series title, Aloha Spirit XtraLock™ and Mystic Bear XtraHold™.

From your varied experience across your roles what specific game features would you say are key for players to keep returning again and again?

Firstly, Free Spins have proven to be an enduring favourite. The thrill of spinning the reels without depleting one’s balance adds an element of excitement. The Book Feature, a classic in the gaming world, also is a standout feature that keeps players coming back. Additionally, the inclusion of Wild symbols is a pivotal factor.

These symbols not only enhance the chances of forming winning combinations but also introduce an element of unpredictability to the game. Whether it’s standard wilds, expanding wilds, or other variations, players consistently seek out these symbols for their potential to boost excitement and winnings.

What adaptations to games do you make when launching games in different world- wide markets – for example, are players and their game play habits in the UK different to those in Sweden or Germany?

When launching games in different worldwide markets, it’s crucial to recognise the unique preferences and gameplay habits of each region. Take the classic SwinttPremium games like Seven Seven Pots and Pearls – we’ve found that these resonate exceptionally well in the German market and the Netherlands. In these regions, players seem to appreciate the familiarity and timeless appeal of traditional game mechanics.

swintt seven seven pots and pearls

However, when it comes to for example Sweden and Baltic countries, our experience indicates a preference for more intricate and innovative game mechanics. Players in these markets tend to gravitate towards games that offer a deeper level of complexity and novelty.

Does Swintt employ a creative genius to think up all of the weird and wonderful game themes? And, how do you decide which themes are going to work (or those that need shelving because they are just bonkers)?

Sustaining a continuous flow of creativity within the online slots sector is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and meeting player expectations. To begin with, our focus is on generating ideas, and actively seeking input from our clients who provide invaluable insights into player preferences and market trends. This collaborative approach enables us to refine our game concepts and mechanics. Additionally, we acknowledge the significance of assessing the performance of our existing games to pinpoint areas requiring innovation.

Moreover, we are staunch believers in the notion that each game should possess a distinctive selling point. This belief has motivated us to develop our Xtra series, showcasing inventive slot games with mechanics and features that diverge from the norm. These games provide players with fresh and thrilling experiences, complete with unexpected twists and turns, underscoring our dedication to innovation in the industry.

How do you think Artificial Intelligence is going to impact the future of iGaming?

Artificial Intelligence is set to change how games are made in the iGaming world. Imagine more exciting and dynamic games that adapt to your playing style.

As AI continues to develop, we can expect more engaging and innovative games that respond to the preferences and progress of individual players, making online gaming even more enjoyable and tailored to each player’s unique style.

In your opinion what are the top three games made by Swintt and why?

Swintt’s game portfolio includes three standout titles that exemplify the brand’s commitment to diverse and exceptional gaming experiences. Aloha Spirit XtraLock™ immerses in a Hawaiian paradise. The option to trigger 12 Free Spins through Scatter Symbols or enter the Tiki XtraLock™ Feature with Locked Wilds enhances the overall excitement of the game.

Seven Seven Pots and Pearls, from the SwinttPremium portfolio, takes a classic video slot approach and infuses it with innovation. The mystery bonus, activated by Bonus Symbols, introduces an element of unpredictability with multiplier prizes. Additionally, the Pearl feature adds depth, allowing players to collect Pearls for a chance to win special pearls.

swintt book of shai

Book of Shai stands out with its rich visual aesthetics and thematic elements. The Book symbol is a key feature, triggering Free Spins and increasing the chances of hitting substantial wins of up to 10,325 x the bet.

Is there anything you would like to showcase or any insights you would like to give to our readers?

Swintt is in for an exciting phase of growth, our dedication extends to the enhancement of the SwinttPlatform, where a significant update is in the works. This update will introduce new markets, custom bet options, free spins, and collaborations with additional studios, enriching the overall user experience. Setting our sights on the UK market, we are gearing up for expansion into Ontario, Romania, and Greece in the subsequent phases of our growth journey.

crown reloaded vinnie jones swintt

Furthermore, in a thrilling development, we are delighted to announce our ongoing partnership with Vinnie Jones, unveiling two eagerly anticipated releases, The Crown Reloaded and Crazy Footy. These additions exemplify our dedication to delivering exhilarating gaming experiences to our audience.