skillzzgaming logoSkillzz Gaming is a software provider that creates games for online casinos. In addition to producing traditional games, like video slots, they are also pushing real money online gaming in a completely new direction.

Their games combine the fun of traditional video games with the thrill that comes from wagering money on uncertain outcomes. You can find Skillzz Gaming’s games on many different online casino platforms, such as, Betclic, Ninja Casino, and betsson.

Skillzz Gaming Slots Reveiws

Slot RTP Released
Galactic Lines 96.08% 1 March 2022
Fortuna Carnival 95% 1st March 2022
Lucky Bill’s Bounty Blast 95.35% 16th April 2021
Olympus Fury 95.05% 30th December 2020
Hippie Days 95.07% 16th September 2020

Quality Over Quantity

Based out of Tel Aviv, Skillz Gaming is a smaller operation. Founded in 2015, the company lists only seven employees on Linkedin. They may not be the most prolific of companies, having released only eight titles in the years since their inception, but there is nothing wrong with opting for quality over quantity.

skillzzgaming about us paragraph

They have also shown themselves to be shrewd in business, opting to partner with established industry players Microgaming and Pariplay in order to get a greater distribution for their products.

Match-3 Games And Video Games

Monster Blast skillzzMatch-3 games have been at the core of their success. By borrowing gameplay elements from popular puzzle games, match-3 games have the potential to become incredibly popular and attract entirely new demographics to the online gaming world. These types of games are interactive, and yet at the same time simple to learn how to play.

We’ve seen the popularity of gambling in video games, with loot boxes, simulated casino games, and e-sports betting, but Skillz Gaming is taking the opposite approach, bringing video gaming to gambling. And so far their approach definitely seems to be working. This new style of “video gambling game”, to coin a phrase, offers players more value for their time and their money and creates a greater investment on the part of customers in the game itself.

alchemy blast skillzz gamingAside from match-3 style games, Skillzz Gaming has also pushed the envelope with some interesting racing and RPG-style games. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of this fusion genre, combining entertainment gaming and gambling.

Perhaps in the future we will see entire MMROPGs with cash prizes for PvP victories or cash leagues for competitive video games like StarCraft 2.

Skillzz Gaming is under the regulatory oversight of the U.K. Gambling Commission and their games have been evaluated by the independent testing agencies eCogra and bmm test labs.