Bubble Beez Slot Review

Bubble Beez is a fresh addition to the casino slot world by Crazy Tooth Studio, featuring a honeycomb-shaped playing grid.

The reels will tumble when there is a win, allowing for consecutive wins for every spin. Additionally, the Queen Bee introduces various features such as elimination, multiplier alteration and transformation.

Bubble Beez screengrab

Bubble Beez Symbols

Bubble Beez features seven reels with a unique row configuration of 4-5-6-7-6-5-4. The game awards wins by getting 3 or more identical symbols on reels next to each other. The minimum bet is 0.25 up to 40.00, with an impressive RTP of 96.15% and medium volatility. The highest payout, 3862 times the bet, is awarded by landing the maximum win in the beehive.

The game is packed with exciting and valuable features, including the Tumble Reelz, Wild Symbol, Queen Bee Feature, Buzz Bomb Feature, Honey Prize Award and Triangle Multiplier Feature.


Symbol 3 symbols 4 symbols 5 symbols
Orange Bee 0.12x 0.24x 0.48x
Blue Bee 0.12x 0.24x 0.48x
Green Bee 0.12x 0.24x 0.48x
Purple Bee 0.12x 0.24x 0.48x
Wild Bee 0.12x 0.24x 0.48x
Queen Bee Overlay Symbol
Honey Prize Overlay Symbol

Note that the Queen Bee and Honey Prize Overlay Symbols do not have a payout value, as they trigger special features and a bonus game respectively. The payouts listed are based on a hypothetical bet size and may differ depending on the actual game rules and settings.

How To Play

Bubble beez boost

In Bubble Beez, the traditional square or rectangular shape is replaced by a hexagon grid. The unique layout features four rows on either side and seven rows on the middle reel of the hive. The background is a blue hexagon pattern, and a queen bee can be seen waving a magic wand that triggers her features.

All normal symbols are bees, and their payouts are the same. Each is worth 0.12 times the bet whenever it contributes to a win. Therefore, landing a six-symbol win pays twice as much as a three-of-a-kind win. The ten normal paying symbols in various colours are next, including yellow, red, blue green, and purple. The wild symbol can substitute for all bees, except the Buzz Bomb, Overlay Symbols or Triangle Multiplier.

Tumble Reelz

In Bubble Beez, the Tumble Reelz feature activates whenever a win occurs, causing winning symbols to disappear as new ones come down from above. The Tumble Reelz will continue until there are no more wins.

Additionally, a win multiplier increases by 1 for every consecutive win, starting at 1X on the first win, up to a maximum of 5X. However, the multiplier resets to 1X whenever the Tumble Reelz ends, and a new spin begins.

Bubble Beez Bonus Features

Bubble beez on mobileQueen Bee Feature

In Bubble Beez, the Queen Bee Feature can be triggered by Queen Bee Overlay Symbols, which are collected when they surround a winning symbol, and if you get at least three, the Queen Bee bonus feature will begin when you can’t make any more wins. During the feature, the Queen Bee will randomly perform one of three actions: Elimination, Multiplier Alteration or Transformation,

Transformation involves transforming normal symbols into other paying symbols. Elimination removes various symbols from the hive and Multiplier Alteration changes a triangular group of three symbols into identical symbols, resulting in a win with at least three symbols.

The Feature ends when the collection of Queen Bee Overlay Symbols is reduced to two or fewer, and no more wins can be made. The Overlay collection resets to zero at the end of each spin.

Triangle Multiplier Bonus

To activate the Triangle Multiplier Feature in Bubble Beez, you need to land three symbols in a triangular shape. This will activate a special multiplier symbol that appears next to all three symbols. When this symbol is part of a winning combination, it doubles the payout of all symbols involved. The multiplier symbol will remain on the grid and continue to apply its doubling effect until no more wins can be made.

Buzz Bomb Bonus

The Buzz Bomb Symbol can trigger a special feature when it appears with no other winning combinations. When this happens, the Buzz Bomb will take symbols away from the grid and collect any Overlay Symbols that may be present. It will then cause an additional round of symbol tumbling, giving you another chance to land a winning combination.

Bubble Beez honey prize featureHoney Prize Award

The Honey Prize is a reward that you can earn by collecting at least 5 Honey Prize Overlay Symbols. The Honey Prize amount varies from 6X to 184.5X the bet and is displayed in a jar located to the left of the reels. The jar’s value increases at random during the game, and it resets after a Honey Prize Award.


Bubble Beez logoBubble Beez, is a slot game with an abundance of features that can be difficult to keep track of. The game is visually challenging as the two versions of bees in each colour are hard to differentiate due to their small size and varying shapes.

The system works like a cluster game where all symbols pay the same amount.

Each symbol in the game pays only 0.12X the bet, making it essential to achieve consecutive wins to increase the win multiplier for bigger payouts.

All in all, despite the confusion, we did find Bubble Beez to be a very enjoyable slot game once we got the hang of it.

Slot Stats

Software Crazy Tooth Studio
Release Date 19th April 2023
Reels 7
Rows 7
Paylines Cluster
RTP 96.15%