Mad Cars Slot Review

In a post-apocalyptic world, where society has devolved into chaos and anarchy, and everything around you has begun to burn, the only thing you can do is put the pedal to the metal and drive. Welcome to Mad Cars, a dystopian video slot from Push Gaming released on Aug. 10th, 2022.

mad cars

Featuring an RTP of 96.39% or 94.44%, this high volatility 5×6 slot has a max payout of 25,000x your bet and 50 paylines.

Symbol 3 4 5
Orange Guy 2 20 100
Purple Girl 1 10 50
Blue Guy 0.5 5 25
Green Girl 0.4 4 20
Other 0.1 1 5

Instant Prize Cars

Instant Prize Cars come in all sorts of different values, and when they drive across the game board (with the assistance of gas boosts) you get an immediate payout of their value multiplied against your bet. But this also knocks off all the other cars on the board.

mad cars car symbolScatter Car Symbol

The scatter car symbol appears only on the bottom reel and advanced when it receives gas from the Boost Reel. Once it reaches the top, it triggers the Mad Bonus Feature and pays out at  a fixed rate of 10x your bet.

The Boost Reel

Aside from providing fuel to make the scatter car reach the top, the boost reel can also provide multipliers, which increase the value of Instant Prize Cars, or Survivor which helps the car stay in place when another car crosses the threshold.

Mad Bonus Feature

mad cars mad bonus

During the Mad Bonus feature you start with five different cars, each with their own instant win prize amount. You have seven free spins to try to get them to the finish line with the help of the boost bar. Any time a car makes it across, you receive its cash value, and you get an extra free spin.

The Mad Bonus Feature also has a few new Bonus Boost symbols to assist you in your race.

The extra symbols for the Mad Bonus Feature are :

  • Persistent Payer
  • Persistent Collector
  • Persistent Payer & Collector

The Persistent Payer Symbol gives its own prize value to other cars.

The Persistent Collector Symbol takes the prize values from other cars and adds them to its own value.

The Persistent Payer & Collector gives out its own value to the other cars and also collects the other cars’ values.


Mad Cars is a pretty decent video slot. The whole car mechanic and boost reel element are very interesting, as is the setting in which the game is played. There is plenty of gameplay between the base game, the bonus round, and the cars, and the design of the slot with regards to the graphical effects and the symbols is all very nice.

The post-apocalyptic theme is definitely one with a lot of potential for video slot games. We’ve seen Riot and Riot 2: Blow and Burn from Mascot Gaming that had a similar theme and those games were executed pretty well.

Now Push Gaming has its own take on this genre, with more of a focus on driving through the dystopian world. There is a lot of great imagery and concepts associated with this theme and this slot does a great job of exploring some of these ideas.

Definitely a great effort from Push Gaming with this slot, and an excellent result that should be very popular. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into making something that was very creative and new and it should bring a lot of entertainment to the end user, which is of course a very important goal.

Slot Stats

Software Push Gaming
Release Date 10th August 2022
Reels 5
Rows 6
Paylines 50
RTP 96.39%