Bomb Runner Slot Review

Get ready for some explosive fun with Bomb Runner, one of the newest slots released by Habanero Systems. Bomb Runner, released in May 2022, is a 6×5 high volatility slot with 707 possible ways to win. While you can control the value of the coins you are betting, you must play with exactly thirty coins.

Explosive Combinations

bomb runner combination

The icons in this game are all some sort of incendiary device, but the key aspect is the bomb wild. The purple with yellow writing bomb wild gets dropped randomly and has a teal number on top of it. That number is a count down until the bomb explodes.

When it explodes, it becomes a two square wild for one turn and then disappears. But while the bomb is counting down it is wild as well, and can substitute for any icon.

Winning combinations go left to right on reels. You don’t need to be in a straight line, but each segment of the sequence can only be on the same line, one up, or one down, from the last segment. So if the first icon in the sequence is on the third row or the first reel, then the next must be on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th row of the second reel.

The red rocket and green bomb start paying with just sequences of three, with payoffs increasing rapidly as the sequence lengthens. For the remaining three icons, the ones with lower payoffs, like the dynamite stick, the grenade, and the explosive warning symbol, they start paying with runs of four.

Buy Bombs

bomb runner buy bombsAnother interesting feature of this slot is the ability to buy bombs.  Buying bombs is fairly expensive (the cost is 484 coins, to be exact) but you can get multiple bombs and they tend to have longer count downs (meaning you get them for more rounds) as well.

It is a big investment but you can also get some massive paydays over multiple spins. But if you don’t want to buy bombs, you can just wait patiently, and you will get some for free anyway.

Bomb Runner is definitely not your run of the mill slot. Habanero has employed some really interesting ideas with this game, and it is a lot of fun to play. One thing that might not be ideal about this slot, is that the music and sound effects can be a bit cacophonous. But the delayed bombs and even the size of the game board are enjoyable features and this is a very well designed slot. The graphics are pretty cute too, especially the little purple bomb guy with teeth who jumps for joy when you hit a combo and occasionally makes growling noises.

Slot Stats

Software Habanero Systems
Release Date 31st May 2022
Reels 5
Rows 6
Paylines 707
RTP 96.71%