El Cowboy Slot Review

El Cowboy is a Mexican cowboy themed video slot from stakelogic. It has a number of cool features, such as the free spin bonus round, variable number of rows and symbol size, the action and wild reels, and the buy bonus.

El Cowboy screengrab


Winning combinations go from left to right regardless of size or location on the reels. Winning symbols are part of a cascade reaction. They get eliminated, and are replaced by symbols above them and new symbols. This cascade reaction can trigger additional wins.

In addition to these base symbols, there is also a scatter. 4, 5, or 6 scatters award 15, 20, or 25 spins respectively.

El Cowboy symbols and paytable

Free Spins

During free spins a win multiplier is randomly chosen every spin and applied against the value of any winning combinations.

Free spins also have dynamite action symbols on one reel and wilds on another. When both reels align, like in the image above, either up to 15 wild symbols will land on the board or multiplier wilds will land.

El Cowboy Free spins feature wild

Action Feature

There are two reels, one above the board and one below. The top reel has wild modifiers, while the bottom reel has wilds. If the two align, then one of three things will happen.

  • An expanding wild will land on the reel and expand vertically covering the entire reel
  • Five wild symbols will land and drop down one place each spin until they are off the reel
  • Multiplier wilds will hit, and their value will be applied against any wins

Bonus Buy

For just 100x your bet, you can skip all the waiting and lever pulling and head directly to the bonus round. This is a high variance gamble, with plenty of risk and lots of reward as well. Aside from buying your way into the free spins bonus round, if you pony up some extra dough you can also set a minimum number of payways on the playing board. There are two options, a minimum of 5040 payways, or a minimum of 117649 payways, with corresponding higher costs. Again, high risk but high potential reward as well.

A Complex Theme

El Cowboy logoEl Cowboy has a mixed theme. There are some Mexican elements, since ‘El’ is the Spanish word for ‘The’, and one of the symbols is a bottle of tequila, which is a popular drink in Mexico. There are actual Mexican cowboys, known as Vaqueros.

The white face paint seen in some of the characters in El Cowboy is known as La Calavera. This is worn on ‘The Day of the Dead’, a holiday which celebrates our friends and relatives who have passed on before us.

Then you have the brass knuckles, guns, and cigars, which could represent the harshness of frontier life.


El Cowboy is a great video slot. There is a lot to unpack. The ever changing number of rows and reels is a pretty cool feature, as are the additional reels above and below the screen which can produce wilds. And the free spins bonus round with the special features of that round and the action and wild reels as well is kind of neat.

As for the design and graphics, again, great work here. The symbols are intricate and well made, and the over all colour scheme and just the way that the various graphical design elements work together is absolutely top notch. The theme is pretty cool too, with a few various aspects that work together nicely. All told, this is an excellent video slot, a great playing experience with tons of cool features.

Slot Stats

Software StakeLogic
Release Date 25th August 2022
Reels 6
Rows 2-7
Paylines Up to 117, 649
RTP 96.10%