EuroGambling Interview With Amigo Gaming

eurogambling interview with amigo gaming

Join us today as we interview a new but rapidly growing slot game developer Amigo Gaming.  Established only in 2020 and based in the beautiful Barcelona it is quite amazing how they have achieved so much so fast.

Amigo are particularly renowned for developing games that feature stunning visuals and a lot of exciting features.  Let’s find out how they do it and how they have got to where they are so quickly.

As a newer slots developer in the field, established three years ago, what would you say sets you apart from other providers and developers?

Unique focus on quality slot games for an immersive user experience across all platforms. Global team of enthusiastic professionals dedicated to product development.

It looks like all of your top amigos such as the CEO and Business Development director are bringing a lot of knowledge and experience to your brand, therefore how do you nurture new talent in your organization?

Fosters a corporate culture that encourages collaboration and effectiveness. Values flexibility and market adaptability for success in various global markets.

What is the origin of the brand name Amigo?

The brand name Amigo reflects a friendly and collaborative ethos.

What is the future of the slots industry as far as you are concerned? Some providers are looking at social platforms for group interaction, others are looking at the meta verse – what is your plan to keep the edge and innovation?

Focus on flexibility and market adaptability. Exploring possibilities in social platforms and the metaverse for continued innovation.

Do players in different countries have different habits and interests in slots and games?

Yes, acknowledging diverse player habits and interests worldwide.

When you do analytics of your games to help with new ideas, have you found out anything unusual about player habits? (that you can share!)

I observed a strong player preference for new visual effects, engaging music, and innovative features in our games. Notably, the inclusion of features like bonus buy has been well-received by our player community.

 What is you favourite game you offer and why?

Its hard to choose, but one of my fav’s is Blazing Crown. As it was the one of the best games from the beginning, the game keep rising so I’ve always going to say it’s fruit classic of Amigo and works in all markets.

In your games catalogue, you cover many themes, however you still offer a handful of very traditional style ‘classic’ slots, do these remain to be some of the most popular games for you?

Yes, traditional style ‘classic’ slots continue to be among the most popular games.

Have you taken any risks with slots development and found it to be a great success?

We are committed to innovation and are always willing to take risks when necessary and aligned with industry trends. This approach has led to successful outcomes in our slots development.