EuroGambling Interview With GameArt

vid daolio gameart head of account managementEuroGambling is excited to be able to bring you our latest interview with Vid Daolio, Head of Account Management at GameArt, one of the leading game developers with a focus on high quality modern games.

Formed back in 2013 by a group of experts with two decades of experience in developing games the studio has quickly grown but has managed to maintain the personability you get from more niche studios.  Having come so far in just one decade we anticipate in another 10 years GameArt will be a powerhouse in the idustry.

Given the success of the Malta based company so far, that has led to them winning many awards, we are fortunate to be able to ask GameArt some questions to help us understand how they got to where they are and where they might be going in the future.

What makes GameArt unique?

GameArt is a leading provider of high-quality digital gaming. We deliver world-class games with state-of-the-art graphics.

We believe that simplicity equates to faster turnarounds and increased efficiency. Gaming is at the heart of what we do. We are proud to provide leading entertainment that will give our client’s business the edge.

gameart your world of games logo

GameArt prides itself on creating slots with simplicity in mind, what do you mean by simplicity?

When we create slots, we always have players in our mind. We create slots that are tailored to our end users – eye-catching graphics and design attract and retain players, and innovative gameplay mechanics and gamification tools bring them the best gaming experience.

Has GameArt noticed anything about different play trends as you have broken into different country markets over recent years?

Preferences among younger generations tend to lean towards simpler and faster games. As attention spans diminish across each succeeding generation, so does the preference for games.

Everything needs to be super simple and fast, with bright and engaging colours.

Do you have a favourite slot? What makes it your favourite?

My favourite slot game is Frozen Joker image, and there are several compelling reasons behind this choice. Firstly, the game stands out due to its simplicity, ensuring an accessible and enjoyable playing experience.

Moreover, what sets Frozen Joker apart is its captivating nature. The game manages to seamlessly blend ease of play with an engaging and immersive environment.

In essence, Frozen Joker successfully combines user-friendly gameplay with a captivating atmosphere.

Can you tell us a bit more about the Yeet and Sweet Tournaments and what these are for players?

yeet and sweet gameartThe Yeet&Sweet promotional plan for 2024 is set to dazzle with ten thrilling tournaments spread throughout the year, offering an impressive total prize pool of €1,000,000.

This extravaganza is open to both GameArt’s esteemed partners and their enthusiastic players. What sets these tournaments apart is the commitment to making them fun, engaging, and fair for all participants.

More exciting details about Yeet&Sweet 2024 will be unveiled in due course.

Yellow Diver is one of your newest game offers right now, can you tell us a bit about the design process for this game and how GameArt arrived at its theme?

yellow diver gameartThe creation of Yellow Diver, one of our latest slots, aims to capture the essence of the current gaming landscape, focusing on the popularity of Crash games.

The theme resonates with the dynamic nature of Crash games, ensuring players experience unpredictability within a structured framework.

Yellow Diver’s design, with vibrant visuals, evokes the adrenaline rush of Crash games, considering colour schemes and visually stimulating elements.

Do you have anything interesting in the pipeline you can give us a sneak preview about?

In 2024, GameArt is set to release a rich game portfolio, offering diverse and innovative experiences.

Our Yeet&Sweet brand introduces an exciting promotional system, backed by a €1,000,000 budget, promising rewarding incentives for players.

Additionally, surprises in store for operators and players will elevate the gaming partnership experience. These strategic initiatives underscore our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering enjoyable entertainment in the rapidly evolving gaming landscape.

Where do you see yourselves in another 10 years?

In the next decade, our vision propels us towards becoming the premier gaming producer and an innovation model in the global gaming industry.

Our mission remains steadfast: empowering casino operators to maximise the advantages of our innovations and enticing games.