Olympus Fury Slot Review

Harness the power of Greek Gods and restore balance to all things in Olympus Fury, a match-3 game from Skillzz Gaming. Olympus Fury is played on a 5×5 board and has an RTP of 95.05%. Play as one of four mighty Gods and harness their awesome powers to secure big jackpot wins. Each God has its own unique power.

Olympus Fury Logo

Artemis’s bonus is the call of the wild, where animals are freed from their cages and win prizes.

Poseidon’s bonus grants you five free games and a chance to multiply your wins by blasting clusters trapped below pollution bubbles.

Zeus’ bonus is seven free games with chances for additional free games,

Gaia’s bonus you tap on picture pieces to try to contribute to global greening. The greener everything gets the more you win.


Olympus fury is a match-3 game. So basically, what you do is pick clusters of squares that are the same color. Then they disappear and squares fall down to replace them. Every square that you remove increases the counter, then once the counter is full you receive either 0.5, 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x your bet depending on what color you cleared.

Olympus Fury screengrab skillzz

The game continues until you don’t have any more moves.

There are some special squares too. B are the bonus tiles, if you can clear a cluster of those then your God uses their special power. Three 7’s are the mega win, and if you clear those you get x1000 your bet. The +2s, which are only available during Bonus Lightning Strike (Zeus’ bonus), give you an additional 2 free games.

There are also free game tokens and divine intervention which give you free games and are triggered randomly.


The theme of this slot is the gods are fed up with humanity ruining the earth with pollution, global warming, and deforestation. Now the gods are striking back to clean things up and restore the natural balance of the Earth. It is an environmentalist greatest dream.


Olympus Fury character with bow and arrowOlympus Fury is a really neat little game. We don’t really care for the over-the-top environmentalist message, but the game itself is solid. The fact that you get four different heroes you can choose, each with their own bonus round is really unique. And the interactive nature of the game is really fun also.

The graphics and design are decent, no complaints there, and even the lore for the story is kind of cool. This is absolutely an excellent game and tons of fun to play.

Slot Stats

Software Skillzz Gaming
Release Date 30th December 2020
Reels 5
Rows 5
Paylines Match-3
RTP 95.05%