Riddle Of The Sphinx Slot Review

Explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Can you solve the riddle of the sphinx, and receive hidden treasure as your reward? Will you receive the blessing of the pharaoh?


Riddle of the sphinx symbols

The higher value symbols are all ornate jewelry you might find in the possession of a pharaoh or some other member of the royal family.

In addition to the above symbols, there is also a Dynasty Wild 1×2 super symbol.

Dynasty Wilds

If the 1×2 Dynasty Wild super symbol shows up, then it turns every square around him into a wild that can substitute for any of the base symbols. The Dynasty Wild can appear at any time and land on any square. Having a cluster of wilds is really nice, because it makes it a lot easier to land a bunch of combos in a single spin, especially when the wilds appear on the earlier reels.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is a massive statue in Egypt of a mythical creature which is half man and half lion. It was constructed around 4500 years ago, as a tribute to the pharaoh Khafre. One interesting feature of this sculpture is that its nose is missing.

The riddle of the Sphinx actually comes from Greek mythology. The sphinx was dispatched by the goddess Hera to the town of Thebes, where it would sit and devour any traveler who could not answer its riddle.

Riddle of the sphinx screengrab

The riddle was “What being has four legs, then two, and then three?”

The answer was man, who first crawls, then walks, then walks with a cane.

Pharaoh Free Spins

When the Free Spins Scatter symbol shows up on either the 1st, 3rd, or 5th reel, it will lock in place for an additional spin. Three Scatter symbols trigger the free spins bonus round, where you will have your choice between types of spins. You can choose 6 spins with an 8x wild, 12 spins with a 4x wild, or 24 spins with a 2x wild. Or if you want to gamble, you can choose the mystery option and get a random number of spins and multiplier value.

Riddle of the sphinx free spins feature


Riddle of the Sphinx is a great video slot. The theme, that of the sphinx statue in Egypt, is a very interesting one, because it is from such an early time period in human history. Ancient Egypt was one of the most successful and long lasting empires in the history of the human race. At the same time, the pyramids and monuments like the Sphinx demonstrate perfectly how the political elite squander vast fortunes on appeals to their vanity while ordinary people struggle to survive.

Riddle of the sphinx logoAs for the game itself, the mechanics and gameplay are quite nice. Having the choice of different wild multipliers during the bonus rounds is an interesting touch, because you can choose to shoot the moon and go for a high multiplier, which can pay off big. Or you can choose the lower multiplier, which is not as risky, but has less of a potential payout. Basically the lower multiplier is more of a sure thing, as far as anything is a sure thing in gambling.

On the creative side of things, the graphics and design are quite nice and the music and sound effects are very appropriate to the game. And the expanding dynasty wilds are a nice touch too, allowing you to have some potential for decent spins during the base round. Overall we definitely enjoyed playing this game and think you will as well.

Slot Stats

Software Red Tiger
Release Date 27th May 2021
Reels 5
Rows 4
Paylines 20
RTP 95.66%