Zillard King Slot Review

Behold the awesome power of the Zillard King, an awesome prehistoric monster against whose might you can only tremble. Brave the storm, and take advantage of the Zillard King’s transformations to obtain great riches.

Zillard king screenshot


x3 x4 x5 x6
Orb 75 150 450 900
Helicopter 45 90 300 600
Equipment 30 60 180 360
Compass 15 30 90 180
Spade 6 15 45
Heart 6 12 36
Diamond 3 9 30
Club 3 6 18

Zillard Wild

The Zillard monster is a wild that can substitute for any symbol. When it appears, any gold coins on the screen are collected and work towards upgrading your Zillard.

Zillard Wilds feature

There are three Zillard upgrades you can get.

The first turns it into a stacked 1×4 symbol.

The second introduces a random multiplier with the wild.

And the third upgrade turns the Zillard wild sticky for at least one spin.

Thunder Wilds

Another aspect of the Zillard Wild is the Thunder Wilds. If the Zillard lands without triggering any wins, then he may roar to summon Thunder Wilds, dropping 3-6 wilds on the screen and guaranteeing a payout.

Zillard king thunder wilds feature

Prehistoric Monster Theme

The Zillard King basically looks like a dinosaur that somehow survived all these millions of years on a remote island. Whether he escaped from Jurassic Park, or he and his kin lived on through the ages in some remote corner of the globe is unclear. Perhaps his normal habit is in the depths of the ocean and he just came up to the surface to wreak havoc for a while. Although biologically speaking the Zillard King really looks like something that lives on land at least most of the time.

He also seems to control the weather possibly through magic of some kind. Or maybe he was awakened from his slumber beneath by a nuclear blast. That could explain where his powers came from.


Zillard King logoZillard King is a novel take on the whole video slot genre. One thing that is cool about this game is that it doesn’t rely upon the free spin mechanism to award jackpot payouts, like virtually every other video slot out there. Instead they introduce the evolving Zillard King Wild. This is a very neat and unique feature. You can tell by the progress bar how close you are getting to the next stage of his evolution and it is interesting to see the different effects and their impact on spins.

The thunder wilds are another interesting implementation made by the developers of this game. You never know when they are going to strike, and the guaranteed payday is a very nice aspect to it.

As to the graphics, special effects, sound effects and all of that creative side of things, these are all very well done as well. Zillard King is an excellently well rounded video slot and a real delight to play.

Slot Stats

Software Red Tiger
Release Date 15th March 2022
Reels 5
Rows 4
Paylines 30
RTP 96%