Euphoria Slot Review

Blast off into outer space and beyond with Euphoria, a 5×3 video slot from ISoftBet with a trippy intergalactic theme. Euphoria, the game that is so much fun it is out of this world.

Euphoria screenshot


Euphoria symbols values

In addition to the above base symbols, there are also bonuses, wilds, and win multipliers.

Euphoria wild and multiplier symbols

Winning combinations go from left to right, regardless of placement on the reels, and additional symbols on any reel in a combination increase the total number of combinations.



Euphoria has a ‘deep space’ theme to it. From the background image we appear to be in some sort of nebula or some other area in space. Although the symbols aren’t really space related, they are just gems of some sort. I’m not really sure there is a cohesive narrative really, but we’re in deep space, we’re looking for gems, and we’re really happy. It works.

Euphoria Spin

The Euphoria Spin is a feature that can trigger at any time. During this event, up to three star multiplier symbols can appear, multiplying with each other and the win amount.

Euphoria spin feature

Free Spins

Three bonus symbols will trigger eight free spins. During free spins wilds will accumulate at the top of the screen. Then, if a winning combination passes through the reel that the bonus is covering, then the amount of the win is multiplied by the multiplier value. And multipliers stack, multiplying against each other as well as the win amount.


Euphoria LogoEuphoria is a pretty cool slot. Although there isn’t really much of a backstory or lore to explain what is going on in this game, we still like the “far out” theme. In terms of the graphics and overall design Euphoria is really well made. The background image is incredibly cool, it feels like we are something that might be viewed by the James Webb telescope. And the music has a very ethereal feel to it that we can’t help but appreciate.

The game is excellent, especially with the stacking multipliers during the free spin rounds. There is really some huge potential there if you do manage to get a bunch of those high value multipliers out and in play working together. And it is nice that the Euphoria spin can come at any time during the base game whether you expect it or not.

Another really nice thing about this game is how all the paylines can stack together and various elements within the paylines can be reused by other winning combinations. That really adds a cool element of profitability that we enjoyed.

Overall we would say that Euphoria is definitely an above average slot. A solid eight out of ten. Very impressive work.

Slot Stats

Software iSoftBet
Release Date 2nd March 2020
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 243
RTP 95.99%