Ocean Hunter Slot Review

Ocean Hunter is a 5×3 video slot from iSoftBet which is one of two editions of the ‘Apex Predator’ series (the other is Tyrant King and is about dinosaurs).

Complete with spooky “imminent shark attack” style background music and some pretty cool game play mechanics, Ocean Hunter is a whale of a good time.

Ocean Hunter screenshot


3 4 5
Ocean Hunter 7.5 12.50 25
Man 5 7.5 15
Woman 2.5 5 10
Gold Chest 2 4 7.5
Underwater Fortune 1.5 3 5
A 1 2 4
K 0.75 1.5 3
Q 0.5 1 2
J 0.25 0.5 1.5
T 0.25 0.5 1

In addition to the base symbols, there is a shark tracking bonus radar which can appear on rows 1, 3, and 5.  Three or more of these will trigger free spins.

There are also shark attack wilds which can substitute for any symbol except the radar and the oxygen tank.

Free Spins

Ocean Hunter free spins feature

Three radar scatters triggers the free spins rounds, which are played a grid that is four times as big as the normal grid, but with three of the four sections locked. During the free spins, additional bonus symbols will add three more spins. You can also unlock other sections of the playing field by getting oxygen symbols.

Each time you unlock another segment of the shark cage, you get additional free spins, and a permanent wild on the right side of the cage. As you continue to unlock segments, the wild grows in size, expanding to an additional reel.

Ocean Hunter unlock feature

The nice thing about these free spin rounds is that as you unlock more cages you have additional opportunities to hit more free spins or oxygen tanks to get to the next round because you are essentially playing two spins at once. Plus the wilds keep expanding making it a lot easier to hit five symbol combos.

Wild Frenzy

This game also has an ‘extra bait’ option. This increases the size of your wager by 50%, but increases the chances of hitting free spins, and also allows for shark attack wilds to appear during the base game.

Ocean Hunter Wild Frenzy feature

Bonus Buy

Another option with this game is to buy the bonus round outright. This comes with a hefty price (100x your base wager) but can be very lucrative as well, and at least you don’t have to wait around for the sharks to attack.

Ocean Hunter Bonus Buy feature

Apex Predators

As mentioned previously, Ocean Hunter is part of a series from IBetSoft called ‘Apex Predators’. They have only made two so far, so it is a bit of a stretch to call it a series already, but hopefully they will be producing some more in the future.

An apex predator is a creature that sits at the top of the food chain, that has no natural predators of itself, but can eat any of the other animals. Lions, crocodiles, and sharks are all classic examples of apex predators. Sharks are one of the oldest living creatures, predating not only dinosaurs but also trees. Fossil records show that sharks have been around for at least four hundred million years.


Ocean Hunter Logo

Ocean Hunters is an absolutely phenomenal slot. The musical score is just perfect, and the attention to detail on the graphics and general design is really top notch. The game play with the four shark cage free spin rounds is amazing, and the theme is a very interesting one.

We are very impressed by this slot, and hope that ISoftBet continues to produce additional ‘Apex Predator’ slots with innovative gameplay mechanics, great music, and inspired artwork.

Slot Stats

Software iSoftBet
Release Date 17th August 2022
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20
RTP 95.99%