Candy Witch Slot Review

Candy Witch showcases a traditional 5-reel, 3-column grid accompanied by 30 fixed paylines, ensuring an immersive gaming experience. With a minimum coin value level of 0.20 and a maximum of 20.00, players have the flexibility to adjust their bets to a level they are comfortable with.

As the paylines remain fixed at 30, the minimum bet level is set at 6.00, while the maximum bet reaches 60.00, offering a diverse range of betting options.

Candy witch screenshot

Candy Witch Symbols

Within the game, you’ll encounter an enchanting array of 12 regular symbols, including the captivating Witch, Gretel, the Jar of Sweets, the Bag of Jelly Beans, Hansel and the Pumpkin Bauble. In addition, there are six top-ranking playing cards to complete the symbol collection. Keep a lookout for the Scatter 1 Symbol, which features the Witch, and the Scatter 2 Symbol, showcasing Gretel transformed into a sorceress. Adding to the excitement, the game incorporates a wild symbol—an exquisite jewel adorned in gold.

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Candy Witch, where delightful confections and magical characters await. With its captivating symbols, engaging gameplay, and the potential for gratifying rewards, this slot game is certain to captivate players of all levels.

Theme and Graphics

In a mystical forest where giant lollipops loom amidst the darkened woods, the theme of Candy Witch comes to life. The game’s vibrant grid features symbols in circular frames against a white backdrop.

With each spin, they eagerly strike the sides of the grid, colliding with a resounding impact. As Gretel strikes, her grunts echo around the slot. However, it’s worth noting that the witch’s scanty clothes may seem odd for the chilly nighttime setting, while Gretel’s dress reflects a more suitable choice. Additionally, poor Hansel finds himself trapped behind bars on the reels, adding a touch of whimsy and anticipation.

Candy witch theming


The soundtrack, reminiscent of the enchanting world of Potter, sets a captivating ambience. Accompanied by visually pleasing animations, the overall experience is visually appealing. While not groundbreaking, the combination of theme, graphics, and soundtrack perfectly engages players in the delightful Candy Witch slot.

Symbols & Payout Table

Symbol Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
Ladies / Jelly Beans 10 50 100
Jar of Sweets / Pumpkin / Hansel 10 30 75
A/K/Q 5 20 50
J/10/9 5 10 30

Candywitch pay ways

Candy Witch Slot Bonus Features

The Candy Witch slot has 2 notable free games features as detailed below:

Shared Rules for Both Free Games:

The grid in Candy Witch features Scatter Symbol measurement meters which can be found at the top corners of the page, displaying the accumulated amount of scatters. If both features are triggered at the same time, Free Game 1 will initiate first, followed by Free Game 2. Once the free games commence, the meters will reset to zero, setting the stage for exciting gameplay.

Free Game Feature 1:

Upon activation, players are rewarded with 12 free spins, maintaining the same line bet as the triggering game. During the initial spin, each reel reveals four stacked wilds, resulting in a total of 240 wilds. With each subsequent spin, an additional four stacked wilds join the reels, intensifying the thrill. For instance, the second spin yields eight wilds, the third spin delivers twelve, and so on, increasing by multiples of four.

Throughout this feature, Scatter 1 and Scatter 2 symbols do not appear, ensuring focused gameplay on the stacked wilds.

Free Game Feature 2:

Similarly, this feature grants players 12 free spins with the same line bet as the base game. The first spin commences with a 2x game multiplier, which progressively increases to a maximum of 24x. Each spin introduces a multiplier that doubles the previous value. Hence, the second spin boasts a 4x multiplier, the third spin presents an 8x multiplier, and so forth, culminating in the final 12th spin with a potent 24x multiplier.

As with Free Game Feature 1, Scatter 1 and Scatter 2 symbols are absent during this mode, maintaining a focused experience on the multiplier-enhanced gameplay. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that both Free Game 1 and Free Game 2 have the potential to be retriggered, further extending the excitement during the Free Spins round.

Candywitch win screen


Candy Witch logoWhile the base game in Candy Witch is satisfactory, it falls short of delivering an exhilarating experience. Given the theme’s potential, it is disappointing that there isn’t a dedicated bonus game to further explore its richness.

The abundance of free spins adds to the gameplay, but it may not strike the perfect balance. Overall, it can be described as a moderately diverting game with a respectable RTP (Return to Player) rate. However, it is unlikely to captivate players’ attention for an extended period.

Slot Stats

Software SimplePlay
Release Date 1st November 2021
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 30
RTP 96.19%